Taxes and Incentives

Your Leading Edge: Lucrative Incentives.

At last, a location where your operation is truly appreciated by a supportive pro-business community, and your investment appreciates faster through lucrative support, including state and local incentives like these.

South Carolina: The state that axes taxes.

South Carolina: The state that axes taxes.

Your operation saves money from the very start with a location in South Carolina, the state that slashes red tape and axes taxes, so that you reap the benefits of:

  • ZERO state property tax
  • ZERO local income tax
  • ZERO inventory tax
  • ZERO sales tax on manufacturing machinery, energy used in manufacturing or materials for finished products.
  • ZERO unitary tax on worldwide profits.

By zeroing out a variety of taxes and creating a business-friendly corporate income tax structure, South Carolina stretches out the welcome mat for companies both large and small.

Sumter helps you thrive with your own custom-tailored incentives package, designed to suit your needs, with components that can include:

  • Sumter FILO: Reduce property tax burden by as much as 30 to 45%. Our fee-in-lieu of property tax allows qualifying manufacturers to reduce the property tax assessment ratio to as low as 6%, depending on the size of the manufacturing investment.

  • Job Development Tax Credit: Higher benefits for those who hire. Generally available for up to 10 years, the JDTC provides a quarterly cash refund of employee withholding tax for qualified employers.

  • Job Tax Credit: Earn credits up to $3,500 per job created. Available across sectors, from manufacturing and processing to warehousing and distribution, from research and development to tourism, this tax credit offers a five-year value of up to $1,750,000 for qualified employers.

  • Sumter Aid to Industry: Expansion help for existing employers. Sumter support isn’t just for start-ups. The Sumter Aid to Industry leverages local resources to facilitate growth for both new and existing industry.


EZONE. Enterprise Zone Retraining Program

EZone reimbursements support industry competitiveness and innovation in South Carolina.

When your manufacturing facility is ready to install new equipment, implement new processes, or upgrade technology, EZone can refund 67% of your training dollars spent on full-time production or technology first line employees or immediate supervisors with 2+ years on company payroll.

EZone works in partnership with our 16 technical colleges and the South Carolina Department of Revenue to promote industry competitiveness in our state and drive economic growth in our communities.

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