We got it MADE - Right HERE

March 26, 2021

We got it MADE - Right HERE image

For the past year, all of us have had to adjust our lives to deal with the global pandemic.  The same holds true for our local industries.  Not only did Sumter’s industries determine solutions to continue to produce high quality goods, but in some instances, pivoted their operations to manufacture essential supplies related to the battle against Covid 19. 

The economic uncertainty that accompanied the pandemic caused some of our local industries to briefly slow production.  Despite the economic hesitation, three of our local industrial leaders - SKF, Santa Cruz Nutritionals and Nova Molecular Technologies all announced operation expansions creating just shy of 200 new jobs and more than $113 million in new investment right HERE in Sumter.  These expansions speak volumes about the success they’ve had - right HERE. 

Manufacturing careers make up 17% of all the jobs in Sumter.  Our industries have taken extraordinary steps to ensure that their employees are safe on the job and that their workplaces minimize the risk of Covid exposure. These additional measures come as no surprise and reflect the value that our industries place on their employees. 

More than 70 industrial giants make up our manufacturing landscape and ensure that high quality products made in Sumter are delivered all around the world.  Careers in manufacturing pay well and require a variety of skill sets for which training opportunities are available locally.  Our local industries offer diverse employment opportunities with robust benefits and growth potential. From Human resources and information technology to engineering and operations, all departments played a vital role in the pandemic response just as they do daily. 

Being nimble and responsive are dynamic features that help to make Sumter stand out when competing for operational expansion and new industry.  Our quality of life, as showcased in the acronym HERE, focuses on not only our Employment offerings, but also our Healthcare, Education and Recreation that are unique to the region. It all combines to make Sumter a dynamic place to call home. 

As 2021 gets underway, we look toward what’s next for our country and our community. The compassion and perseverance demonstrated by our industries during the pandemic clearly shows not only concern for the bottom line, but also consideration for the health and well-being of employees. Yes, we’re not only making it right HERE – We’ve got it MADE - HERE!