Sumter Mold Service preps for full production

March 31, 2014

BY RAYTEVIA EVANS (803) 774-1214

There's a new mold in town. Or at least there soon will be. Employees at Sumter Mold Service are working to get the business ready for full production in about two weeks. The business is coming to Sumter primarily because of Continental Tire the Americas.

General Manager Dan Wright said the business is currently storing molds for Continental Tire and also making some deliveries. When the business is all up and running, the crew will also do repairs. Wright and his small crew have been making preparations and setting up machines for the company for about three months now. At the moment, they have seven employees setting up and planning, and they'll be installing more machinery when it arrives on Monday.

In the next year, Wright said the service hopes to have about 15 people employed, with plans to continue to grow along with Continental Tire in Sumter.

"They're here to stay, and so are we," Wright said. "They didn't just choose Sumter, but they're here for the long haul."

Wright said so far he is impressed with the workforce in the Sumter area and the company, owned by Quality Mold, is looking for hand finishers. He has consulted with local temp companies and is looking for people who are looking for employment. When they're fully up and running, Wright said they'll be working with seven machines and they'll need manual machine operators - people who are good with their hands.

"An individual who wants to work, we'll train," Wright said. "We're looking for full-time and long-term employees. We are not seasonal, and we want to retain them for a long time."

King Machine recently brought 20 jobs to the Sumter area and is providing molding services for Continental Tire, as well. Wright said he is aware of the company and knowing they're here as well will "keep us sharp."

"I know of King Machine. I've heard about them, and I look forward to all of it because I'm sure there's enough work to go around," Wright said.

Quality Mold Inc. has been around since 1976 and has operations in Akron, Ohio; Illinois; Alabama; and various other states throughout the country.

Sumter Mold Service is located at 595 Jefferson Road. Wright said those interested in future employment can contact him via email at


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