South Carolina wins Area Development magazine’s 2013 Silver Shovel Award

May 30, 2013

Area Development magazine, a trade publication of the economic development industry, has awarded South Carolina with a "Silver Shovel Award" for economic development excellence. South Carolina joins Kentucky and Louisiana in receiving the award for states with populations of 3 million to 5 million.

"Our annual Shovel Awards are, indeed, a celebration of the kind of economic development success that should never be taken for granted," the article reads. "The 19 states we honor with Gold or Silver Shovels were stars in 2012, making growth and investment happen in a climate that - going on five years after the bottom dropped out - is still far from hospitable. These are states whose economic development leaders have been building relationships with existing businesses and newcomers alike, making strong cases for their communities, working to become ever-more business-friendly, crafting enticing deals and incentive packages...and hitting pay dirt. They've landed big projects worth millions or even billions of dollars in investment, creating jobs by the thousands. Growth doesn't just happen - these states have shown that they know how to make it a reality."

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