G&G Metal Fabrication Expands

August 31, 2007

The Sumter Development Board is privileged to announce that one of Sumter’s locally owned and operated companies is growing and expanding. Ending a decade-long search, Tom Garrity is preparing for a cross-town move that will ensure enough room for his business to grow.

Currently Garrity’s business, G&G Metal Fabrication, is crammed into a 12,000 sq. ft. facility just off S. Lafayette Boulevard. The relocation to a 33,000 sq. ft. facility will give the business the elbow room it has so long sought. Among other things, G&G Metal Fabrication manufactures emergency response vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances.

“We’re extremely excited to finally be at the end of this process,” Garrity said. “Finally we’ll be able to expand, be more efficient and bring a little order to what now sometimes seems like chaos.”

In his current leased facility, Garrity sometimes has to meet with business prospects in the shop for lack of meeting space. Parking is always at a premium and he has never had a place to display the 23-year-old company’s wares.

But an even more important need was an on-site place to test the water-pumping equipment that will one day be used to fight fires. The new facility, formerly owned and operated by Wilder Brothers, offers nearly three times the space, including 6,000 sq. ft. of office and showroom space. There is also a 1-acre storm water retention pond that will allow the company to test pumps on site.

Financing for the project was secured through a partnership of both the private and public sectors. The National Bank of South Carolina (NBSC) teamed with the Regional Development Corporation of the Santee Lynches Regional Council of Governments to offer Garrity the funding needed.

“This is another great success for the Sumter community and it is a testament to the strength of our local business community,” said Greg A. Thompson, Chairman of the Sumter Development Board. “Tom is a successful entrepreneur and I’m pleased he chose to expand here in Sumter.” 

Sumter Mayor Joe McElveen said he is pleased to keep the manufacturer inside the city.

“About eighty percent of all new jobs are created by companies like Tom’s, so its a big deal when local folks can start a business and grow the way G& G Metals has,” said Sumter Mayor Joe McElveen. “Successfully running a small business is about as tough a challenge as a person can take on.  Tom’s success gives strong evidence that Sumter is a great place to do business.”

Garrity said he never really considered leaving Sumter, although his customers are spread all over the state and the Southeast.

Sumter County Council Chairwoman Vivian McGhaney said Council is committed to its existing industry base.

“All my colleagues on Sumter County Council want to congratulate Tom,” said Sumter County Council Chairwoman Vivian McGhaney. “But we want to thank him as well. We understand he could have chosen to go elsewhere, but he stayed here. I think that says a lot about our community.”