eVAC Magnetics to Build First U.S. Facility in Sumter, South Carolina

December 18, 2023

eVAC Magnetics to Build First U.S. Facility in Sumter, South Carolina image

eVAC Magnetics announced this month it will be building its first U.S. production facility in Sumter County, South Carolina. The project will lead to an investment of more than $500 million and the creation of 300 new jobs. The announcement represents a collaboration between the South Carolina Department of Commerce, Team Sumter, and Sumter Economic Development. According to Sumter Development Board Chairman Greg A. Thompson, this announcement signifies Sumter’s continued readiness and ability to foster growth. “We extend sincere congratulations to eVAC Magnetics and are excited about the opportunity this will provide for residents in our community,” said Thompson.

eVAC Magnetics is part of the VAC Group which develops magnetic materials and solutions. More specifically, eVAC creates Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) permanent magnets which are essential to fields including automotive, defense, industrial, and renewable energy. In recent years, the need for rare earth element magnets has grown significantly, and eVAC will be the first producer of its kind to bring operations to the U.S. The Sumter facility will be housed on 85 acres in the Pocotaligo Industrial Park and will produce permanent magnets for electric vehicles and defense applications.

eVAC Magnetics CEO Erik Eschen stated “eVAC is grateful for the support of the State of South Carolina, Governor McMaster, Senator Graham, and Representatives Clyburn and Norman. We are excited to become a member of the Sumter County community. This project represents a significant commitment by VAC to re-shore critical processes and product technology, creating good paying and highly skilled jobs for residents of the community. With this support, we will directly contribute to U.S. energy independence and national security.”

eVAC operations are expected to begin by September 2025 and more information about the Sumter facility and job opportunities will be available in the coming months.