Eaton’s Employee Nyaaisjah Samuel Shares Her Story

May 28, 2019

Eaton’s Employee Nyaaisjah Samuel Shares Her Story image

Nyaaisjah Samuel is a social butterfly, mom of an active 3-year old -- and a switchboard technician at Eaton.

“My job is to identify parts that are compatible with the switchboard structure,” she said. “I reference electrical drawings for amperage and the type of material being used.”

Preparing her for this role was a degree in engineering graphics technology, though she was initially drawn to the Associate of Science with an eye toward architectural engineering. “I really like to design things and see them come together; that’s what really grabbed my attention about the engineering field.”

She enjoys the position and utilizes just about everything she learned while in school. For example, she became proficient in several software programs to include Solidworks, AutoCAD and Investor that are used regularly at Eaton.

That interest, combined with her degree, have propelled her to a successful job at Eaten for 10 months and counting. Her favorite part? Despite having a technical background, she says it’s the people and their down-to-earth attitude who bring her work contentment.

“I like the people and the fact that I get to use all the skills that I learned in school and apply to my technician role. I even get to teach others the stuff I know.”
Nyaaisjah’s future is bright at Eaton, and demonstrates the strength of our workforce pipeline and our ability to connect talent with opportunity.