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“Everyone wants a win, but a community must first set the stage with a game plan and a winning attitude along with players that are excited to be on the field.”
       Jay Schwedler, President and CEO- Sumter Economic Development

Developing our talent pipeline is critical to the continued success of this region. Therefore, we are taking great strides to safeguard the competitive advantage by creating programs that train and develop the talent necessary to fill the highly-skilled, highly-technical requirements of today’s manufacturing. After hosting a spirited Education Summit to align and develop a community-wide strategy, several ongoing programs have been implemented, to introduce, educate, and enrich the workforce agenda.


 Manufacturers and Technology Expo                             

 eSTEAM Sumter                                                                

Emerging Leaders


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"When you invest in yourself, people will invest in you."
Gene Baten
Sumter County Council