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Putting the Edge in Knowledge.

A strongly skilled workforce with commitment to quality doesn’t happen overnight, nor is a culture-rich community created in a vacuum. The people of Sumter County work better and live better because we learn better at every age and every stage, starting with preschool and culminating with the enrichment of life-long learning in a county that’s home to seven different institutions of higher education.

Newcomer families in Sumter County are pleased to discover that while quality is uniformly high, choices in schools are widely and attractively varied, from faith-based and secular K-12 private schools to a public K-12 system where a focus on STEM has yielded flourishing results and where the International Baccalaureate Program ensures a global outlook and world-class student achievement. Even better, robust and strategically aligned career training means that all of our high school graduates can count on a diploma with real meaning, whether for college attainment or for an immediate start on a solid career.

With seven excellent higher education options right here Sumter County—and more than a dozen others within an hour’s drive—Sumter high school graduates ready to go the distance in college won’t have to go long distances for a superb higher education. Close-to-home opportunities also help make life-long learning a reality.

In a relentlessly competitive world market and a 21st century world where multiple literacies are crucial to success and satisfaction, Sumter’s knowledge base is an edge for our people, for our community, and for our future.

By the Numbers: The Sumter School District serves about 18,000 students, and has a total annual budget of nearly $100 million.

Additionally, Sumter County is home to seven private schools, both faith-based and secular, with a combined enrollment of nearly 2,000.

Sumter County takes education seriously. Demonstrated by the completion of a $6 million renovation of the Sumter County Public Library System including new facilities, new equipment and new materials.

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“I’ve spent enough time in Sumter now to know that this is a strong community with great people, and dedicated leaders looking toward the future. Continental Tire is proud to continue to be a part of Sumter’s success story.”
Craig Baartman
Manager, Continental Tires The Americas, Sumter

Shaw AirForce BaSE

Sumter is home to Shaw Air Force Base. The base is named in honor of World War I pilot 1st Lieutenant Ervin David Shaw, a Sumter Native. Shaw has an extended personnel of more than 20,000.