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Job Development Credit

Job Development Credit

The State Job Development Credit (JDC) is a valuable incentive that is a quarterly cash refund of employee withholding tax. The incentive is generally available for 10 years. JDCs require application by the company and is a discretionary incentive, rather than a statutory incentive. If approved by the state's Coordinating Council for Economic Development, the credits start once a company meets its jobs and investment goals.

Job Development Credit Program Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum of 10 new jobs with healthcare benefits;
  • Positive cost/benefit analysis;
  • Company financially viable and creditworthy;
  • Wages for new jobs equal or above county per capita ($14.65/hour in 2010);
  • $4,000 application fee and $500 annual renewal fee;
  • Approval by SC Coordinating Council for Economic Development.

Job Development Credit Potential Value

  • Up to 2-5% rebate of employee's wages subject to SC withholding;
  • 55-100% of maximum, depending on county status;
  • Capped At: Value of eligible capital costs;

Eligible Costs:

  • Utility system upgrades;
  • Fixed transportation facilities;
  • Real estate (site/building improvements);
  • Manufacturing pollution control equipment;
  • Approved training costs - Employee relocation expenses for technology intensive facilities, R&D and certain corporate headquarters.

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“It is clear that South Carolina is focused on providing quality jobs for its citizens. We especially appreciate the cooperation and hospitality provided by the state, county and local government agencies. It is great to work with people who are genuinely interested in creating jobs and stimulating economic growth.”
Gary Ricco
President and CEO, Mount Franklin Foods