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Job Development Credit

Job Development Credit

The State Job Development Credit (JDC) is a valuable incentive that is a quarterly cash refund of employee withholding tax. The incentive is generally available for 10 years. JDCs require application by the company and is a discretionary incentive, rather than a statutory incentive. If approved by the state's Coordinating Council for Economic Development, the credits start once a company meets its jobs and investment goals.

Job Development Credit Program Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum of 10 new jobs with healthcare benefits;
  • Positive cost/benefit analysis;
  • Company financially viable and creditworthy;
  • Wages for new jobs equal or above county per capita ($14.65/hour in 2010);
  • $4,000 application fee and $500 annual renewal fee;
  • Approval by SC Coordinating Council for Economic Development.

Job Development Credit Potential Value

  • Up to 2-5% rebate of employee's wages subject to SC withholding;
  • 55-100% of maximum, depending on county status;
  • Capped At: Value of eligible capital costs;

Eligible Costs:

  • Utility system upgrades;
  • Fixed transportation facilities;
  • Real estate (site/building improvements);
  • Manufacturing pollution control equipment;
  • Approved training costs - Employee relocation expenses for technology intensive facilities, R&D and certain corporate headquarters.

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