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When we say Sumter is bustling and blooming, you don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at the awards, like “A City on the Rise” and “Star for Growth and Success” accolades. We’re rising because we offer a shining example of how industries and people can thrive together. Businesses and families flock here to enjoy the highest quality in product, place and people. Newcomers arrive knowing this is the place to build on our solid socioeconomic foundation. with a diverse population of approximately 108,000 in the Sumter County Metropolitan Statistical Area, with more than 50,000 residents with a median household income well above $80,0000, nearly double the national average. Today, Sumter is large enough to support a vibrant quality of life that encompasses amenities such as museums, theatres and musical venues, yet still small enough to nurture growing families with the friendly, intimate quality of small town America at its best. Rich in traditions and excellence, Sumter puts a wealth of demographic advantages at your disposal.


Sumter County Population by Year


Source: US Census Bureau


Population by Year

Year Population % Change
1980 88,238
1990 102,637 16.3%
2000 104,646 2.0%
2010 107,456 2.7%
2013  108,326 2.7%

Source: US Census and


Sumter Population Radius

15-Mile Radius 45- Mile Radius
107,480 1,211,364

Source: JobsEQ


Sumter County Population by Age

Based off 2015 Total Population of 107,777


Source: US Census Bureau

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We’ve made great strides. But now it’s time to shift our focus inward and really zero in on our number one asset: our people.”
Greg Thompson
Chair, Sumter Development Board