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The Port Of Charleston, SC - The Southeast Region's #1 Greenest Port


Port of Charleston: Going Deeper, Going Faster.

The sprawling Port of Charleston, spanning three municipalities, is the greenest port in the Southeast, which means it is protecting the world environment even as it is opening world markets with an unparalleled ease of access, serving 16 Post-Panamax vessel calls per week since 2016. Once the Charleston Harbor Deepening Project is completed, putting the harbor channel depth at 52 feet at mean low tide for a clearance depth of 58 feet, Port of Charleston will offer the deepest harbor on the entire East Coast. Already, Port of Charleston means scaled up movement with a 500-ton barge crane, combined with impressive speed: a 23-minute average truck turn and delivery with on-the-go shipping schedules like 29 days from Shanghai to Atlanta. With the completion of the Port’s 10-year, $1.3 billion improvements plan, the new Leatherman container terminal and a new cruise terminal will join the existing five public terminals, while speed of services will be further enhanced through next-generation technology.

For container, motor vehicles and other rolling stock as well as some non-container goods and projects, Port of Charleston is the nexus for unparalleled global access.


Jasper Ocean Terminal: The Nation's Largest.

A dual-state project scheduled for opening on the Savannah River in the mid 2020s, the Jasper Ocean Terminal at full build-out will be the nation’s largest port, encompassing 1,500 acres and ten births, and dredged to 55 feet, allowing it to accommodate ships carrying as many as 20,000 TEU containers, with an annual capacity of seven million TEUs.


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