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Sumter is a finalist for civic engagement annual award

April 09, 2019

The Sumter Item

National Civic League names All-America Cities each year


It is described as the Nobel Prize, the Superbowl, the Oscars for civic engagement awards bestowed upon communities, and Sumter is one of 20 finalists for it.

The National Civic League has been recognizing cities since 1949 with the All-America City Award, this year focusing on projects that demonstrate inclusive decision-making processes to "create healthier communities for all, particularly populations experiencing poorer health outcomes."

Mayor Joe McElveen said on Tuesday at Sumter City Council's regular meeting, where city officials surprised him and council members with the finalist standing, that the city has tried for it at least twice before and had not been selected.

"This is a win for our city and sends a message that what we've been working for for years as a community, and not just as a city but a whole community, has been paying off," he said.

City of Sumter Communications and Tourism Director Shelley Kile said NCL officials have said this is an "extremely competitive year." Finalists, 10 of whom will win, range from San Antonio, Texas, the seventh-largest city in the nation, to Gothenburg, Nebraska, a city of only 3,500.



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