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A Caterpillar Inc. employee operates a robot in the Sumter hydraulic cylinder plant.

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Induction Coil Specialist, INC
2650 Warehouse Blvd,
Sumter SC 29150
Phone: (803) 481-0411
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Induction coils, custom tooling

Interlake Mecalux Inc.
1925 Corporate Way
Sumter SC 29154
Phone: (803) 481-3482
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Pallet rack manufacturer

International Paper Co.
1145 Union Camp Boulevard
Sumter SC 29154
Phone: (803) 481-6700
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Manufacture & production of office paper

“We are grateful for the support we have received here in Sumter and South Carolina. Dynamic
local organizations and so many individuals have definitely helped us expand. More jobs at Apex
help the entire Sumter community. It’s great to be a part of that.”
Ryan Cagle
Vice President, ABS and Project Management Apex Tool Group, LLC.